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4th-Apr-2016 11:26 am - Tribute to Heath's Birthday
Heath would have been 37 years old today. It's still so sad he didn't have a long life. But I am glad for the time he was here and all the wonderful movies he did and all the people he helped along the way.

We miss you Heath. Happy Birthday!

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4th-Sep-2015 04:43 pm - How is everyone
Hello all,

I haven't been here in a long time. RL has kept me busy, i left the mountain for a while, but it's always a part of me. Just like Ennis and Jack.

How are you all doing?
2nd-Mar-2015 09:59 pm - The passing of Spock
As I'm sure you noticed my nick on LJ is Trekfan. I started as a fan when I was a kid watching Star Trek on a black and white TV. I wondered what happened to the show that featured a pointed ear Vulcan just before the show came back on the air in syndication.

I watched the animated series and all the movies. I found Spock fascinating, I thought Leonard was brilliant and I watched him in Mission Impossible, as the husband of Golda Meir as well as Mel Mermelstein in "Never Forget"

I was shocked when the news broke of his passing, although I had heard he had been sick but didn't know much more. He died of end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at 83. I think he did live long and prospered.

RIP Mr. Leonard Nimoy. Spock will live on forever, and so will you in our hearts.
14th-Feb-2015 02:29 pm - Happy Valentine's day
I want to wish you all a Happy Valentine's day.

I'm sure Ennis and Jack are celebrating in a tent or cabin. Or maybe in their bedroom in their ranch they bought together

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